Welcome to the Haiku Tech Center

Hello, and welcome to the Haiku Tech Center. HTC for short.

I’m trying to step up to the plate for the local community in ways that can use my unique skills. It’s obvious to anyone following current events here and in the greater world at large that Maui needs to radically restructure it’s local economy. It’s almost entirely based on either the tourist industry, or local, state, and federal government. Maui desperately needs to develop a more solid tech community here. Spinning off small tech companies and associated well paying jobs for people that live here or would like to live here. 

Even people with no current technical interests are going to have to think outside the normal tourism box for putting together their livelihood in the future. That most likely will involve selling their services and/or goods online to the world outside of Maui.

We hope to develop innovative technologies to help that process take place. So that everyone else who lives here has resources to help build their online store fronts, since they are going to have to offer their services to the world at large to pull money in here.

To that end, i’m starting up something called the Haiku Tech Center (HTC).

The center will be located in Haiku. So not in Kihei where the small number of air force and military and defense contractor funded tech jobs are currently located here on Maui. The really, really, really small number of tech jobs here currently are primarily associated with the supercomputer center (which seems to be military projects only as far as i can tell), and the telescope(s) on the mountain that are used to track space debris and satellites, perform solar astronomy, etc. 

Unfortunately, the limited existing workshops and meetings associated with the Kihei Research and Technology Park presented to the greater Maui community don't seem to be designed to convey any real in-depth technical information or knowledge to the community. And the fact that the current Maui Research and Technical Park is currently re-inventing itself for future development as a condo and retail development center perhaps indicates that the bold experiment it represents never really delivered on it's promises to the community. Time for a different approach.

So we love you Maui Technical Park and associated astronomy and space defense telescope facilities, but we want to do something very different with high tech on Maui with HTC.

We want our focus to be on ‘getting cool things done quickly’ as opposed to focusing on military and government defense industry contracts. We want to foster small startup companies that want to get things done quickly.  We want to foster exchange of technical information among our members, and to the community at large.

We aren't interested in being 'go get some venture money' cheerleaders. We want to help you to bootstrap your dreams from the ground up.

What are our goals here at HTC.

Our ultimate goal is do foster the development of a technical entrepreneurial community here on Maui. One that is dynamic and one that is over time spinning off successful startup tech companies.

We want to do that by providing technical information and code resources for local tech developers to utilize. And pulling together a like minded community of dynamic individuals to bounce ideas off of.

We want to offer online training classes to the community.

We want to provide access to high quality technical talks and seminars.

We also want to foster development of world class Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision research happening right here on Maui. 

To that end, we want to put in place technical infrastructure and training to help local developers make that dream happen.  We want our members to become comfortable with training and deploying into real world applications deep learning neural networks and adaptive learning systems.

I mean we are a tech center right, so let's actually get seriously bleeding edge technical.


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