Deep Learning for Robotics

So i was trying to find a good Transfer Learning video tutorial for the weekly seminar. And i was also trying to find a deep learning neural net robotics lecture as well. Because there are some people living on Maui who have an interest in robotics. And computer vision.

But i stumbled upon this lecture instead.  Which is actually quite interesting. And a good alternative lead in to the 'visual transfer learning for robotics' post i want to dive into at the end of the week. 

It ties into the Grand Engineering Challenges for the 21st Century weekly seminar talk, specifically when Jeff Dean early on discussed robotics systems that used deep learning neural nets to learn by doing. 

Which is ultimately a lot nicer than programming them by hand to do whatever you might want them to do, in some programming language. 

This talk is by Eric Yang of Google Brain on Deep Learning for Robotics, and Robotics for Deep Learning.


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