HTC Seminar Series #14: Deep Learning State of the Art (2020)


Today's HTC Seminar presentation is on the State of the Art of Deep Learning in 2020.  The talk is given by MIT's Lex Fridman.  It covers the most recent research and developments in deep learning neural networks.  It highlights machine learning and AI innovations in academia, industry, and society in general.  

Because the field is just exploding with interesting new developments the talk is somewhat long, so that it can cover all of the many interesting new things happening in the field.  Feel free to digest different sections of it with breaks in between if needed.

Some deep learning topics you may be interested in might not be covered in the 2020 state of the art talk, because they were covered in previous years.  For example, GAN's and some other interesting deep learning topics are covered in the 2019 Deep Learning State of the Art talk.


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