A Chaotic Synthesis Primer

 I watched a really interesting live stream this morning via Eventide Audio and thought i would pass it on here to anyone interested in music synthesis.  The beginning of the video provides a really good introduction to all of the different music synthesis techniques that people have explored.  They then move on to talking about chaotic synthesis.  After a brief overview of what chaotic systems are (chaotic attractors), they then move onto describing how they used a simulation of a chaotic double pendulum to create the commercial music synthesis plugin they are offering.

Chaos and chaotic attractors are fascinating topics.  You can play with them in Studio Artist to generate painted artwork based on movement in the chaotic attractor space.  The Studio Artist paint synthesizer's path start points, path shapes, or paint brushes applied along paths can all be derived from chaotic attractors.  You can check that out in one tutorial example here. There are a few more old examples of this here, here, here, here.

Some scientists feel that chaotic attractors are actually a big aspect of how some parts of the brain work. Note that this is a very different way of thinking about things then what is going on in deep learning.  I will point you at the work of Walter J. Freeman on the Olfactory bulb if you are interested in this fascinating topic.

The first presentation half of the video is the part i wanted to expose you do.  The second half is the Q and A part after the presentation, which you can stick around for or bail on depending on your interests.


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