AI Death Metal - Eliminating Humans from Music

 We've been trying to informally have an interesting music or art oriented post on the weekends (the convergence of art and technology).  And today's presentation (also from this week's AI Music Creativity 2020 Conference) does not disappoint.

This presentation is by CJ Carr of the dadabots group.  Dadabots participated in the 2020 AI Song Competition in Germany, and their song was the judges favorite, and came in second place in the overall competition results.  The German news media reported this as 'runner up from Germany in song competition calls for the annihilation of humanity'.

This presentation is great. It's entertaining.  It's thought provoking.  It touches on the future of artistic manipulation, the nature of performance, copyright laws.  It also utilizes state of the art deep learning algorithms to model and generate audio.


1:  I thought the 'eliminating humans from music' tagline was obviously a funny joke, but apparently people don't read it that way. So, let me point out that the talk is not really about eliminating humans from music. It's about expanding human creativity, by giving humans much more sophisticated tools to work with, then setting them lose to see what they can discover as they use those tools. 

I guess we could set humans using the tools lose, or set the tools themselves lose, that's the magic of these new Ai ways of thinking about things.

Perhaps we can counter balance any human composing jobs lost to new AI systems by also developing new Ai systems that need to ingest human composed music ( to help keep human composers employed).

I suppose one could argue that Music Streaming Systems are exactly this, AI systems that need more human generated content in order to function (they are hungry for new content).  How well the human composers are paid for their work is a completely different topic.


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