GANs for Good - A Virtual Expert Panel Discussion

  Gans for Good is a virtual expert panel discussion put together by  It was a live presentation 2 days ago, so everything discussed is where the state of the art is right now.

The panel includes:

-Animashree Anandkumar, Director of machine learning research, NVIDIA 
-Alexei Efros, Professor at EECS Department at UC Berkeley 
-Ian Goodfellow, Director of Machine Learning in the Special Projects Group, Apple 
-Andrew Ng, Founder of DeepLearning.AI 
-Sharon Zhou, Computer Science, Stanford; Course Instructor, GANs Specialization

So yeah, fascinating that Apple scooped up Ian Goodfellow.

The ultimate goal of the panel beside educating you more on the amazing potential of GAN's is to try and get you to sign up for the course on GANs that Sharon Zhou is teaching. 
You can check out the course for 7 days before you have to start paying for it, but you do have to enter a credit card number and you will start to be charged monthly after 7 days unless you cancel.


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