Counterintuitive Ideas About How the Brain Works

 Today's presentation is a discussion with neuroscientist, psychologist, and author Lisa Feldman Barrett.  She is discussing Counterintuitive ideas about how the brain works with AI podcast host Lex Fridman.

Certainly my loose conception of brain development hierarchy centered around the 3 layer model built off of a reptile brain - covered with the later emotional limbic system brain, and then covered with the even later 'big thinker' neocortex brain. 

Popularized by popular science writer Carl Sagan in one of his best selling books apparently after it had already been scientifically discredited.  A model we all buy into for the most part, base our intuitive thinking on, and apparently it is quite wrong in its analysis of how things really developed.  Fascinating.

And the conversation continues to be thought provoking and very interesting throughout the entire podcast.

Lisa has a book called 'How Emotions are Made' that details some of her groundbreaking theories of how the mind and brain work.

Lisa also has a new collection of essays about the brain, called 'Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain'.

Check them out, and expand your horizons a little bit.


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