Qt 6.0 Beta Released

 Upcoming Qt 6 is very exciting.  The improvements they have made really makes it shine as a single application framework to develop cross platform applications that can run on mac, windows, linux, ios, and android. You can also target embedded systems.

Qt is a C++ development framework.  It includes a declarative user interface markup language called QML.  Qt 6 really builds up the C++ integration with QML in exciting new ways (bring the best of QML to C++).

Latest Information Update

QT 6 has hit another significant milestone.  The Qt 6.0 Beta is released. Putting ease of mind into everyone counting on a Qt 6 release in early 2021

Here is Lars Knoll's Nov 2020 keynote talk on Qt6 - What's Cooking.  It details the latest up to the minute status of imminent Qt 6.

For more information on what improvements Qt6 will bring, Lars gave a longer keynote at the end of 2019 that is very informative.  This longer keynote presentation is titled 'Qt 6 will bring massive improvements to QML and 3D development'.

There is also a 10/26/20 post on Graphics in Qt 6.0 by a less interesting speaker available here.


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