PyTorch Developer Day 2020

 PyTorch Developer Day was a virtual event held on 11/12/20.  Anyone paying attention can see that the PyTorch opensource community is moving full speed ahead (with assistance from Facebook AI Research (FAIR) of course).  We've included some keynote highlights below to better educate everyone on what PyTorch is, and where it is going.

The keynote presentation below is on 'Open Challenges in Deep Learning Systems'.

The keynote presentation below is on 'State of PyTorch in 2020'.

The keynote presentation below is on 'TorchVision - Towards Research to Production',

The keynote presentation below is on 'TorchAudio - PyTorch Developer Day'.

The complete video index from PyTorch Developer Day 2020 is available here.

And of course the big exciting news for the near term future is the ongoing effort to add apis for hardware accelerated mobil and ARM 64 builds. So ios Metal GPU, Android Vulkan GPU, and Android Neural Network api.  

I think the ARM support for mac os is going to shake out in 2021 as well (maybe apple neural engine as well if apple actually documents it's api for external people?).


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