QT 6 Released - Quick Update

Just a quick update (more detail later in a separate post). Qt 6 finally dropped today. 

Qt 6 is the latest evolution of the Qt (pronounced 'cute') platform (which has been around for 20 years at this point, and is a hybrid open source / commercial code base)

Qt 6 is cross-platform nature, allowing users to deploy their applications to all desktop, mobile, and embedded platforms using one technology and from a single codebase.  It is scalable from low end embedded systems to mobile applications to desktop application.  It also features a unified graphics architecture that abstract the lower level GPU specific hardware api details from an application programmer (key point in todays computing landscape).

There is a blog post associated with this from Lars Knoll.

Here's a link to the tech specs.

Here's a link to add on support in Qt 6.0 and future point releases.

We have various HTC posts on Qt.

Here's their little Qt6 promo video to get you excited.


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