So What's the Deal with Rust

 Rust as in the programming language rust, not the state of any metal left in Hawaii's climate for more than a week. 

So i bumped into a procedural texture implementation written in Rust on github recently, and my immediate response was long the lines of 'what the hell is this'.  Some additional research lead to this post.

Here's a stackoverflow blog post on 'What is Rust and why is it so popular?'

Here's the main rust language site.

Here's a talk by Steve Klabnik on 'Rust, WebAssembly, and the future of Serverless'.  Quick Rust over view at the beginning.

Here's a talk by Carol Nichols on 'Rust: A Language for the Next 40 Years'.  She's on the rust steering committee, so bear that in mind.  Probably a little too much time on the historical railroad analogy.

Here's a talk by Pavel Yosifovich on 'Rust for C++ Developers'.  Pretty objective pro-con viewpoint.

I will keep an open mind about Rust.  However, here's a presentation from one of the developers of the procedural texture github that started this post that might make you think twice about it.  As i watched it i kept wondering how much easier things would be if you just used C++ to begin with.


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