Full Stack Deep Learning - Deep Learning Fundamentals

 Full Stack Deep Learning is an official UC Berkeley course on deep learning taking place this spring. It pro-ports to cover  the full-stack production needed to get deep learning projects from theory or experiments to something actually shipping.  

You can experience it for free online.  I've only watched the first Deep Learning Fundamentals lecture so far, but i was impressed by it.  Because it skips a lot of the bullshit and gets to the real meat of the material. So if the other lectures are like the first one, well worth your time to watch and absorb.

And with that intro, let's dive into that first lecture on Deep Learning Fundamentals.

Her's a link to some info on Full Stack Deep Learning.

Here's a link to all of the first lecture material. Note that they have coding notebooks linked from there you are going to want to work through to get the most out of it.

We will probably be working through some more of this material in future HTC posts, since again it seems like a really great, up to the minute info course on 'practical' deep learning.


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