GTC 2021 Keynote

 GTC 2021 conference is happening this week virtually.  Looking forwards to Jurgen's talk.  The other 3 'fathers of deep learning (ie: Turing Award winners)' are also speaking.

Nvidia CEO Jenson Huang once again addresses us from his kitchen, schooling us on the latest developments in Nvidia GPUs, graphics and AI technology.  Feel free to skip the 18 minute commercial at the beginning before he comes on live.


1:  Are we really living in the 'metaverse'?  Neil Stephensons's Snow Crash novel is a story about a dystopia at it's core.  Surely we can come up with something better as a metaphor to strive for.

2: Omniverse is cool as a tool kit. Keep meaning to look into using the api for something more artistic.

3: Interesting how deep learning is now the key driver of increased GPU services in the cloud.

4:  Look at all those ARM cores on that Bluefield 3-3 DPU. So this is where we continue Moore's law growth? 

Now please stick DGX superpod in a small box for my personal computer (ha, ha, but seriously, please).

5:  Be very careful comparing Transformer architectures to how the brain works.

6:  The computational chemistry, genetics, and bio-design stuff is really great.

7:  Yes, that small x86 box in the memory - x86- GPU slide is indeed the bottleneck. So throw it out in the trash and put in that wide stack of ARM Grace blocks.

Now please stick this architecture in a small box to be my personal computer (ha, ha, but seriously, please).

So is the MediaTech initiative going to give me what i'm looking for?

8: Software 2.0 metaphor reference (several actually).

Nvidia AI works on any system (except apple, ha,ha, groan, frustrated sigh).

9:  NGC Pre-Trained deep learning models.

Tao software for transfer learning and deployment quantization of the customized model.

10: The AI voice we use for our new Studio Artist training videos sounds way better than Jarvis sounds in this keynote.

11: How does apple's secret over-hyped car stuff compete with Atlan (with it's associated vast AI infrastructure)?

Jenson always looks like he's ready to tour with Front 242 with the black leather jacket (which i actually can appreciate, since it's the old OSC aesthetic).


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