HTC Seminar Series #33: Probing Sensory Representations

 Today's HTC Seminar Series presentation is by Eero Simoncelli titled 'Probing Sensory Representations, and was presented at the MIT Brains, Minds, and Machines summer course in 2015.  

This is an awesome lecture, and he very clearly lays out how we can take this concept of visual metamerism, and extrapolate it from color metamerism to texture metamerism to more elaborate higher order perceptual metamerism.  And how that maps to increasingly higher order models of the human visual system.


1: I think you can push the whole visual metamerism angle much higher up the perceptual foood chain than he does in this talk.  Ask yourself why to GAN systems even work at all?  Why does the fake output look real to people?  I belive you will find the answer right here.

2: The texture synthesis work he is describing pre-dates neural style transfer by quite a bit.  I was quite familiar with it at the time it was done, but kind of missed the iterative gradient descent part for the reconstructions. A concept that should be clear to anyone looking at more recent feature visualization work in CNNs.

But of course we aren't finished here.  Today's seminar is a double header.  This next talk is on the 'Perceptual Implications of Hierachical Models'.  This talk was given at CCBM 2018.


1: Local gain control pervades biological systems, and is probably very important in a theoretical computation sense.  And you might want to think about how to add that to the neural net toolkit for deep learning systems.

I also wonder if it relates to this whole notion of skip connections being so great somehow.

2: Fascinating how both CNN models do worse than the very simple biologically inspired models for the 2 visual tasks he looks at.  The visual distortion one is particually interesting.


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