Basics of Stereo Vision with Oak-D

 Satya Mallick schools us on the basics of getting started with the OpenCV AI Kit with Depth.  Using the DepthAI api and an OAK device you can very easily put together an inexpensive stereo computer vision system that runs deep learning neural net algorithms.

The new OAK-D-Lite device is finishing up it's kickstarter campaign, and offers a complete super small stereo vision system with an internal deep learning accelerator chip for $89, which is pretty amazing.

The OAK-D devices came out last year, and are a little bit more bulky, and a little bit more expensive.  But still small and affordable in the historical context of stereo vision systems with hardware acceleration for running deep learning algorithms in real time.

Introduction to OAK-D

Install DepthAI in 30 seconds

Introduction to DepthAI

Depth Estimation using OAK-

The github repository for the code used in these examples is available here.


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