NumPy, SciPy, Anaconda, Python and Scientific Programming

 Today's HTC presentation is a conversation with Travis Olliphant on the origins and subsequent development of numerous open source python libraries he was directly involved in creating.  PyTorch for example is built off of the concepts built into NumPy, and Travis discusses the importance of building array processing concepts and constructs directly into a programming language.  He also discusses the nuances of creating profitable companies based on open source software development, and the importance of entrepreneurship in the modern computing landscape.

I would hope that everyone today is keenly aware that the way to work now days is to piggyback off of all of the excellent open source code libraries available to everyone (as opposed to re-inventing the wheel every time you start a new project).

There is a ton of new exciting deep learning research we'll be diving back into with new HTC posts hopefully next week as i am extracted from the current brutal software release cycle i'm finishing up in my other job.

Also, Qt6.2 is officially released!  More on that in about a week.


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