Python and C++ Interoperability with Shiboken - Qt for Python project


This is a Qt for Python project webinar presentation on 'Python and C++ Interoperability with Shiboken' presented in 2020.  Shiboken is a binding generator tool for binding C++ code for Python.  The Qt for Python project uses it to bind Qt (via pyside2) to Python, but you aren't restricted to using Qt and can use it for your own C++ code libraries that you want to access in Python code.

You can find more information on the Qt for Python project here.

The Qt company is working on building better development tools for working with Python and Qt, and this is an ongoing development associated with Qt 6.  You can learn more about the packaging and tooling here.

Here's a blog post on the new Qt for Python features in Qt 6.4.  This includes pyside6-deploy for making a deployable executable, and improvements to Shiboken.

This is a December 2021 Qt World Summit presentation on Hybrid Qt Development with Python.


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