HTC Seminar Series #18- The Future of Computing and Programming Languages

 Today's HTC Seminar Series is a great podcast discussion with Chris Lattner on The Future of Computing and Programming Languages hosted by Lex Fridman.

Everyone with any interest in computing should find this discussion very interesting.  But especially so if you have been watching those last 2 fastai Part 2 lectures from the 2019 Part 2 fastai course.  This is because Chris Lattner co-lectures those 2 course presentations with Jeremy, and they talk about building fastai in Swift.  And indeed they do just that in front of your very eyes in those two lectures.

So then if you watched the recent podcast with Jeremy of fastai right after the Part 1 2020 fastai course lectures came out we posted her in this blog post, Jeremy seemed way less excited about Switft for fastai in Aug 2020 then he did in those last two 2019 Part 2 course lectures.

I guess a big part of the answer is that Chris was working at Google on bringing Swift to Tensorflow when those two 2019 course lectures were taped. And now Chris is working for SiFive on open source Risc chips, and i kind of wonder where the whole fastai Swift thing is going, or if it's kind of dead in the water for now?  We will keep you informed as we figure it out more.


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