Welcome to the Haiku Tech Center. HTC for short.

We are working to create a more vibrant tech community here on Maui.

We are also a tech incubator, with the goal of spinning off startup companies that will hopefully lead to new tech jobs and opportunities for Maui residents.

HTC members have access to educational resources.  Both existing ones we are trying to publicize for our members as well as new ones developed here. We also hope to offer additional educational resources to the Maui community.

HTC members have access to the HTC toolkit.  The HTC toolkit is a resource to help software developers get moving quickly developing great new products.

HTC members also have access to HTC research and development projects.

Our short term goals are more focused on jump starting software development and research here on Maui. Our long term goals include plans to research ways to harden the Maui infrastructure so that it will be more resilient to the complexities we see coming ahead that could disrupt society. The viral pandemic events of 2020 should make it painfully obvious that we need to do this as a society.  We desperately need to move the Maui economy away from being so totally dependent on tourism revenue to support residents.


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