One of HTC’s goals is to provide educational resources for Maui residents.  The T in HTC stands for technology, so a big part of this goal is to provide information to get people up to speed about exciting new developments in technology.  We spend a lot of time focusing on deep learning neural networks because they are going to transform all aspects of society.  The current AI revolution is nothing short of remarkable, and we’ve barely even begun to see what is going to be achieved with all of this stuff.

But my background is both as an engineer, and as an artist.  Both of the award winning companies I founded have been focused on using technology to provide creative tools to artists, musicians, creative professionals and hobbyists. So we also have a big focus here on how artists can take advantage of and use technology in their work.

The goal of many of the posts on the HTC blog is to help stimulate your brain. To provide new information you can take in, to expose you to new concepts and ideas, to get you thinking about new ways to do things.  Fostering the development of a real high tech community on Maui requires a more active 'community of ideas' here that people can be exposed to.

But another big goal was to put together courses on specific topics to help beginners learn about and begin to utilize all of the exciting things being discussed on the HTC blog.  So we really want to become an educational resource for the community, and by extension the world at large.  Because anyone in the world has access to the HTC blog, not just people who happen to live on Maui

Perhaps your goal is to come up with a great idea, build a prototype, and then start a company to sell your exciting new widget or idea. 

Perhaps you are an artist, or a musician, and want to learn more about how to utilize all of this exciting AI technology in your creative work.  To extend your artistic range, to stimulate your creatively in new directions.  

Perhaps you just want to learn more about what is happening in AI to understand how it’s going to affect society and your individual life.  Everyone is welcome.

About those courses

The HTC Education Series is our series of educational courses available to all here at HTC.  Our hope is to eventually provide a wide variety of different courses to help folks educate themselves about the various things discussed here at HTC.

Our current courses include the following ones:

Getting Started with Deep Learning

Deep Learning with PyTorch Basics 

Future potential courses will hopefully include specific ones designed for the particular needs of artists (as opposed to the particular needs of software developers).  And also courses on cross platform application development.

The goal here would be to help people get into using AI and other tech in their art, as opposed to trying to train them to develop AI technology.


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